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Our Story 

Pastel is located right in the heart of Tel Aviv’s bustling cultural Mecca known as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, adjacent to the Opera House and Cameri Theater. 

We love hospitality. It is our true passion and the drive behind everything we do. 

The strong bond the restaurant has with its guests is evident in the unique creations that elegantly combine gourmet cuisine with simplicity and sensitivity, modern cooking techniques and classic dishes. 

The restaurant first opened its doors in 2013 and was designed by architects Alon Baranowitz and Irena Kronenberg. Our request was simple: To be the most beautiful restaurant out there. Sure enough, in 2014, Pastel was crowned “Most Designed Restaurant” by Idea-Tops International Space Design Awards. 

The captain of this grand ship is no other than restaurateur,

Itzik Chengel. 


The Chef 

Gal Ben-Moshe is the Israeli chef and owner of the Michelin star restaurant PRISM, in Berlin. Over the years, he has specialized and gained experience from top restaurants and chefs around the world, from London to Chicago.

Ben-Moshe began cultivating his unique culinary language during his years at the critically-acclaimed GLASS restaurant in Berlin, and continues to do so at the PRISM and PASTEL restaurants.

Gal’s Kitchen is inspired by the Levantine cuisine of the Mediterranean, and for this reason, his dishes are created with locally-sourced ingredients. His greatest principle is - the use of fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients: wild herbs, lamb meat, local fish, and Middle-Eastern spices.

Ben-Moshe considers his craft to be an art, and thus his new beginning at PASTEL is an exciting step in his professional culinary development.

The excitement, challenge, and motivation to create here in Israel, are all based on the understanding that here the guests will connect emotionally to Ben-Moshe’s interpretation of the local flavor:


“ In order to be truly excited you must connect to the food. To the ingredients. In Germany, I am exotic. And therefore, my mission at PASTEL is not simple, I must take what is local and make it even more exciting. After years of creating abroad, the thought of meeting with the Israeli audience inspires me and reveals a new path of creation for me. I can be creative and break through without falling to cliches or cultural appropriation. The goal is to make food that is right for PASTEL. For its audience. Food that takes into account the geography and history that surrounds me”.

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